About Us

Who we are

Food Agrotech is the link between businesses and Agricultural scientists who are passionate about Agriculture Innovation. Recruiting experts from several fields who share the belief that cooperation and knowledge sharing is the only way for humanity to advance, Food Agrotech keeps you up-to-date on the future of the food and agriculture sector by giving you access to opinion articles, research papers, news podcasts, e-conferences, sponsorship announcements, and start-ups assessments.

The Food Agrotech community is vibrant and always active. Prominent columnists, scientists, and agribusiness experts analyze and discuss the future of the sector and its latest trends to provide you with all the necessary information that will help you succeed in your food-agro projects. You can get an assessment of your startup business here.”

Our history

Food Agrotech was founded in 2018. A team of scientists and investors decided to create a news portal geared toward investors and businesses to give them access to new information and fresh ideas regarding the Agriculture market. Food Agrotech is designed to be a part of a global community in the Agriculture sector by presenting the latest news while connecting investors, venture capitalists, and people who are passionate about Agriculture. Focusing on Agricultural trends and changes, Food Agrotech accesses and presents investment opportunities, team accomplishments, and results of scientific research, proposing new investment ideas. Today, Food Agrotech includes academics and businesses that study the Agriculture market, enrolling people worldwide to change the way of investing by putting together one of the best-connected networks that is designed to serve your businesses.”

What our team can do for you

Our Research team is responsible for creating a database of approximately 30,000 agrifood and agritech businesses. To assist your investment team to search diligently for fresh investment projects, the Food Agrotech team puts together daily news updates relating to trends in Agribusiness & Agricultural Robotics, including articles on Foodtech, reports on Agtech startups, news in Farm Robotics & IoT, and hydroponics resource guides.”